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Happy Meditation
for Your Successful Life in 2024

How to Get started

1. Choose a Class

Choose from the amazing programs all designed to clear and calm your mind and body.

2. Select Your Date

Our programs run every week! Select the best day and time for your schedule.

3. Check Your Email

Our programs run every week! Select the best day and time for your schedule.

Free Daily Meditation

Guided Live, and Tailored to Your Needs
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Saturday: 3pm CAT, 4pm EAT

Meditation for Success

Amidst these uncertain times,

we invite you to real-time, group meditation classes for success.

Be equipped with Keys to Success :

Focus, Creativity, Positivity, and Unity.

Let’s grow together and live a good life.

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One-On-One Guided Meditation

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Deepen Your Practice With Personalized Support

One-On-One Guided Meditation is a personalized journey towards living your best life. This will be your personal journey to true happiness. You will be able to understand how you can find the root cause of your stress and get rid of it completely.


Deepen your meditation with a one-on-one session! An individualized experience designed to help you nurture your inner peace. Heaven exists within, let us help you find it.

Learn more and experience the advantages of our guided meditation.

Our Philosophy

Meditation is not just about temporary relief, when we find the things that are hidden in our minds and throw away we can have true lasting happiness.

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