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One-On-One Guided

Meditation Introduction

Get to know your true self and limitless potential

You are happy
This will be your personal journey to true happiness.


Eliminate Stress
You will be able to understand how you can find the root cause of your stress and get rid of it completely.

FireShot Capture 097 - 1 on 1 Meditation

Bring Joy Back into Your Life

Stress and anxiety disappear, you begin to have a more joyful outlook with more energy and even your face becomes brighter.


Declutter the mind

This meditation is all about finding your true self by uncluttering the mind.

Personalized to You

When you have an experienced guide to take a personal interest in your progress and keep you focused and scheduled it is so much easier.


Improve Your Relationships

As you progress you will see so much improvement in yourself and in your relationships.

What to Expect

You and your mediation guide will get to know each other, and you can share with them what benefits you hope to get out of meditation. Your guide will give you an explanation of the principals of this meditation and an understanding of the process.


Then, with the help of your guide , you can begin this simple and easy process of meditation. You will be releasing, “throwing away”, any stressful, negative, and burdensome thoughts that you have been carrying.


At the end of your session you will begin to see how much you have been holding in your mind and how letting go of it is so liberating. This meditation gives you the tools to identify and release the clutter to truly cleanse the mind.

3 Easy Steps to One-On-One Guided Meditation

Step 1

Find the Nearest Centre

Click the link to find the nearest centre


Step 2

Get Connected

Kindly contact Local Centre through the website of the Centre to book the session.

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Step 3

Ready, Set, Meditate

We will schedule an 1-on-1 session !

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