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Amidst these uncertain times,

we invite you to real-time,

group meditation classes for success.

Be equipped with Keys to Success :

Focus, Creativity, Positivity, and Unity.

Let’s grow together and live a good life.

Saturday at 3pm CAT, 4pm EAT

Hosted by Sheryl

What to expect

Do you want to make a success in life?

What abilities should you obtain to be successful?

Meditation can make you ready to succeed.

Online Meditation Programs will give you insight, wisdom,

and methods to achieve success.

We offer free online sessions based on four keys to success:

Focus, Positivity, Creativity, and Unity.

These are the most significant factors for success.


Join us !!!

We support your prosperous life.

Our Staff



In 2017, Sheryl started meditating.

She has been an assistant-helper for one year at this point. She enjoys helping others.

She also takes pleasure in reading, engaging in

meaningful conversation, and sharing jokes and laughter with others.

"This meditation has changed my life completely. It has supported me during my lowest moments and given me the hope and motivation to

live for others. I use This Meditation to help others and effect change for the better in the world. My life is now meaningful, and joyful.”

So she wants to reach out to anyone who wants to make a change in their lives.

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